It was a beautiful morning… a stark contrast to the heaviness in my soul. Grandpa, Ravi Zacharias’ memorial service was going to be held that afternoon and the body pain from the previous night’s CPR was yet to wear off. And then a single message just brightened the morning. I was asked to review this beautiful piece. And as I read, I was all the more convinced that this was birthed in a place of encounter. Beautifully crafted but has all the speaking of a heart that has experienced the excellent glory! I always say an encounter is better than an argument!
She beautifully starts off with the struggles of the human heart. It is in us to find meaning. The heart was made by the creator and for the creator. That desire, no matter how well many disguise it, is in everyone. I have read in some places where people have planned not to procreate because they find it meaningless to do so. They deem it wickedness even. Deep down they want the answers of origin, destiny, purpose and meaning to be answered. And these are valid questions. They are the wrestlings of the heart and this is beautifully communicated.
The relentlessness of a loving God is also portrayed In here. There are nudges many feel to pursue truth. The decision to embrace the love of God is the ultimate decision when you meet the Truth for truth is a person. All humans want justice, believe in forgiveness, want to be loved and need mercy. The only place where all these converge is in the cross! There is no other place in all of history where Justice, love, mercy and forgiveness converge.
The highest aspirations of man is found in the face of Jesus… for the light of the knowledge of the glory of God is found in the face of our Lord Jesus. Those words were beautifully crafted by Aps. Paul for a reason…. the highest aspiration of the Jew was light..of the Greek was Knowledge and that of the Romans was Glory… so Paul says the highest aspiration of what used to be three categories of people is found in the face of Jesus.
As you read this it is reminder of what the power of the gospel can do…in changing the human heart and to cure its malady. No washing, no ritual, no incantation can illicit the same response
I wish my dear sister a great welcome to a family and to trudge this journey with us with Christ as our prize. Afia, what you’re saved for is greater than what you were saved from. Keep writing and God bless you!

Rep God

For years I kept asking myself,

Was Heaven true or just a myth?

For years I kept hitting my head,

Demanding answers to set my mind at bay.

Looking into the skies,

Hoping to see a light, but nothing.

Looking at the stars,

Hoping to see The Alpha, but the universe looked straight into my shattered eyes.

Frustrated and disillusioned my soul shall be.

Falling into deceit of my own lies.

Letting go of the only hope left,

To make it out.

Following the crowd but a hand kept gripping me.

Laying on my bed and fear stricken.

Woke up, washed my face,

Looking into the mirror all I saw was

Eyes filled with deceit,

Heart stained with lies.

Heaven isn’t real, it’s just a fiction.

You only live once, what a diction.

Falling into sin,

Diving into fears,

Forgetting there’s a book up there with my name on it.

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Tell Her Your Heart [Kayla]


That cold October morning when the Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP) students joined my class will forever mark the beginning of the end for me. It was the day Seli Adatsi and I crossed paths, and I have still not quite recovered from the loop he’s knocked me for.

I was sitting in my usual seat in the middle of the class, a pretty non-descript entity in the midst of the many faces, when for some weird reason I looked up… and made eye contact with the most handsome boy I had ever laid eyes on. This boy was hands down a 10/10… what! He had a really nice haircut, soft, dark brown eyes, a strong, chiseled jaw, with a dimple in his left cheek which I immediately itched to place my finger in and a warm, inviting, if slightly crooked smile. My face heated, and I lowered my eyes-…

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Tell Her Your Heart [Seli]


Ever since I set eyes on Mikayla Talata Esinam Adadevor after I joined her class in her fourth year of school, I had had the hugest crush on her. There was just something so intriguing about her. The way she smiled – a once-in-a-blue-moon sight, but so worth the view of pink gums and perfectly set white teeth with a beautiful gap between the incisors. The way she walked, all quiet confidence with graceful lean legs and curves like Aphrodite. The way she kept to herself, with a book always pressed to her chest. I wanted with all my heart to crack that shell and befriend this girl, but I could never gather the courage to. One look at her, and the severe stammer I’d attended thirteen years of speech therapy for would immediately resurface, for sheer nerves.

It therefore came as a great shock that for our Medicine rotation…

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Click here to read chapter 2 of Damn The gods

“Toyin… Toyin… la oju e!” [Open your eyes] Auntie Teniola exclaimed in panic

Samantha [Toyin] was found laying under a tree by the well helpless; she yearned for water. She lay there naked and weak and could not speak a word. She was found by her little cousin Folakemi, the little one who had walked her to the King’s palace. Folakemi didn’t know why she followed her cousin Samantha; she just felt a prompting to keep an eye on her when everyone’s attention was on Chief Gbenga as he was gradually drawing his last breath.

Three days had passed and Samantha hadn’t awoken. She was still breathing yet seemed to be in a sort of perpetual slumber. Her spirit, soul and body were drained as she lay down on her mother’s bed. Dark clouds had gathered. Chief Gbenga was finally…

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Mirror Mirror on the wall

“Every nation has the government it deserves.” ~ Joseph de Maistre, August 1811   Tiglath-Pileser III  and Salmanaser V marched with their armies to capture the Northern Kingdom of Israel who were still drunk with the wine of pride, disobedience and debauchery. They refused to listen to the voices sent to them and incurred the... Continue Reading →




Thunder rumbled as the lightning lit up the sky and then the heavens opened. The thick dark clouds began releasing rain on Ijebu-Ode village. Samantha sat in the rain through out, she was not thinking normally. Chief Gbenga demanded for the gates to be locked to keep his daughter from leaving the premises as all except her presumed she was going mad. The raindrops trickled from the edge of the roofing sheet and hit the roots of her hair. She was a strong woman and she’d rather cry in the rain to prevent anyone from noticing. She quivered as she sat close to the wall. Her teeth gnashed. Her parents were disturbed; they’d wanted to know what the Oba had told her. Troy was the least of their problems.

“My daughter, come inside you will fall sick” Mama Amara said…

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Dear Peter,                   News of your master keeps travelling to us and at this rate, I am sure my testimony would just be under a heap of countless others. You know, since the day I was healed in my mind, I have slept soundly. I vividly remember how even within the entrapment of the war... Continue Reading →



Hey Samantha… wake up” He whispered into her ear

“How is it morning already? We just had dinner about an hour ago” she mumbled

“Up Samantha, flight is in a few hours” His voice resonated

“… and Sam, I keep seeing that same image in my dreams” He said

“You should stop watching those weird movies at ungodly hours” she responded

“I guess so” He sighed

She gently crawled out of her bed as her fiancé carried their luggage to the door. After a quick bath and an hour makeup, she was ready to set off. SamanthaOluwatoyin was a British-born Nigerian who lived with her fiancé Troy in Brussels, Belgium. She was a human rights advocate, did volunteer work for the local United Nations team for refugees in Europe and as well provided legal assistance to workers below the minimum wage. She was quite a resourceful lady and…

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The Touch

Ama Ackon brings an amazing story home…

Love Poured Out

It hurts so much. The feeling is so uncomfortable. A tear rolls down my right cheek slowly. I quickly brush it away with my right shoulder. I bend down more intently over the wash basin. I cannot start feeling sorry for myself again. I do not want to wallow in despair anymore. Or at least it is too early for that. Besides, today looks brighter than the previous days. A lazy smile turns the corners of my lips up. I have an appointment in the next town with a man who people say, is the best physician. I hurriedly lather the last bit of clothing left to be washed. The sun is out early today and I cannot afford to be late for the meeting. Today’s washing is keeping too long but then, the clothes need extra effort than usual to get them clean. They are so stained the water…

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Check yourself

Sharing.. It’s an interesting place. Shortly after you get there, they tell you to take off your clothes, they give you something more “appropriate” to wear and show you to a private room where they ask you to lay down on the bed and wait. Sometimes there is music and sometimes there is not. The... Continue Reading →

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